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LEGO Robotics Courses for FIRST LEGO League Junior NEW

(Age 5-10)

In line with First Canada's promotion of community culture and youth robotics education, Ottawa Robotics Club will continue to promote various types of LEGO robotics training after organizing the official FIRST LEGO League Junior Expo(FLL Jr. Expo) to inspire children's passion for science.

These courses are meant to inspire learning and stimulate the creative minds of the student. After A1, A2 and A3 sessions, students will be able to grasp fundamental principles of LEGO robotics concepts and master the basic skills of participating in FLL Jr. Expo. Every class will have around 8 students. Every session has 10 lessons. Every lesson is 75 minutes.

A1: WEDO2.0 Robot

Create wedo robots to control robot behavior. For LEGO Robotics beginners.

Session Date Location Tuition
Class A202302 NEW

Feb. 8, 2023

18:00-18:50 Wed.

All Saints High School
Ottawa West

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A2: Mechanical Mystery

Master the infrastructure model by playing Lego, introduce engineering and architecture principles. For LEGO Robotics beginners.
Session Time Location Tuition

A3: Magical Motor

Through the energy theme, let students master the meaning of energy. Explore activities through mechanical combinations to create models related to everyday life. For LEGO Robotics beginners.

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Special Programs

S1: A Special Intensive training, which is meant to train students who are going to join a team to attend FLL Jr. Expo. This class will divide the students into 2-4 teams, every team will have a mission. In this mission, the team will explore the background of the project, build and program a model. They will use WeDo2.0 in their mission and document their work, at last, present their team research in a poster. This class will offer teamwork skills, engagement of kids in hands-on experimentation, and presentation skills development.

Session Time Location Tuition
Class S1 0001

Sep. 5
- Nov.

6:00-7:15 Thur

All Saints High School

$499 +HST


*Times and schedule are subject to change depending on enrollment - classes may be re-arranged, split or merged if required.


One session(10 lessons)
Regular Fee: $499 + hst
30 (or 40) lessons package
20% off based on regular Fee (can not be combined with any other discount), you can choose this Education Plan in the register page.

Tuition cannot be refunded. Ottawa Robotics Club has the right to explain these terms.

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